Fighting Drug Charges On Your Behalf

Despite changes in the laws regarding marijuana in some states, drug laws remain strict in the state of Texas. The penalties are severe and the social stigma is real.

For that reason, you want to work with a lawyer who knows how to handle drug cases. At Sibley Law Firm, we can help you whether you face charges at the state level or federal level. Our firm understands both sets of laws, rules and practices.

Experienced Legal Judgment In Criminal Defense Matters

For more than a decade, attorney Jonathan Sibley has protected the rights of clients. Today, he carries on the tradition of exceptional legal representation begun here by his father, Sen. David Sibley.

Drawing on attorney Sibley's knowledge of how the law is practiced in the Waco, Texas, area, we can craft a legal strategy responsive to your specific circumstances. Those circumstances can include the prosecutor on your case and the judge hearing your matter.

To do that, we will work with you personally. We will get to know you, the facts of your case and your legal goals.

At root, we believe the foundation of a successful case is a successful attorney-client relationship. For that reason, we are committed to individualized service.

That individualized representation includes helping you figure out how to move forward with your life. We can put you in touch with resources, including organizations skilled at helping people recover from drug abuse.

You Can Reach Us By Phone Or Online

To schedule your free initial appointment, you can call us at 254-756-0111. You can also contact us by email.