Marijuana Is Still Illegal In Texas

Particularly in an area like Waco, Texas, that has so many college students, many people assume that the laws against marijuana have changed. After all, even if it is still illegal, laws criminalizing marijuana are not enforced, correct?


Instead, enforcement of the law varies from county to county. McLennan County, for instance, still enforces marijuana laws, and it does so vigorously.

If you are facing charges related to marijuana, you can turn to us here at Sibley Law Firm. We are a firm with deep local roots that was founded by a senator, David Sibley.

An Attorney Who Knows How The Law Is Practiced Locally

With more than a decade of experience, Sen. Sibley's son, Jonathan, carries on the family tradition of criminal defense representation today.

That experience provides him with the seasoned legal judgment you need when facing marijuana-related criminal charges. In an area where the law is currently in flux and can vary from judge to judge, county to county, you want an attorney who can advise you wisely.

We can help you with a wide variety of marijuana criminal charges. In addition to helping you with charges related to simply possessing the plant itself, we can help you with charges involving more contemporary forms of marijuana, including:

  • Pure THC
  • Hash oil
  • Paste
  • Gel
  • Edibles

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