Helping You Fight State Drug Charges

At Sibley Law Firm, we fight state drug violations as well as federal drug charges.

For decades, since its founding by Sen. David Sibley, our firm has protected the rights of clients throughout the Waco, Texas, area. We combine our knowledge of how the law is practiced in our jurisdiction with a personalized approach.

Let Our Firm's Lawyer Protect Your Rights

Today, our firm is run by Sen. David Sibley's son, Jonathan. For more than 10 years, attorney Sibley has protected the rights of clients.

Drawing on attorney Sibley's experience, we can protect your rights against state drug charges in a comprehensive range of situations. We assist clients facing charges related to:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Possession

Inside and outside of the courtroom, attorney Sibley will help you understand your available legal options. You will be able to choose from those options confidently, knowing you are relying on the legal judgment of an experienced professional.

We can deliver that level of guidance because we will work with you one on one. Our firm believes that a successful defense case starts with a successful attorney-client relationship.

Because we handle drug cases in both state and federal court, we know the differences in the way the law is practiced between those two courts. We will provide you with legal strategies responsive to those differences to maximize your chances of success.

Meet With Us To Discuss Your Legal Needs

To schedule your free initial consultation with us, you can call us at 254-756-0111. You can also reach our firm by email.